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I am an indépendant music producer with a degree in audio engineering and 11 years of experience working in studios in Nashville and all over the country. The first few years consisted of me recording/mixing 2000+ demos a year for some of the best songwriters in the world at County Q Productions. Over the years, I learned how to hone in on whats important in a song and started taking more interest in the production itself. Since then, times have changed, the amount of music we produce has slowed down. People aren’t cutting ‘Demos’ anymore. Which is great because we get to focus on giving every song the attention and time needed to bring out its full potential. But, I learned how to run a session and learned a lot about efficiency from that experience.

Since childhood, music has been the only true way I could express my emotions properly. Listening to records everyday with my parents growing up, learning to play guitar, writing songs and joining drumline in high school, gave me knowledge and appreciation for the things that make music great. Music is the one of the only ways I know how to truly express myself.  


I go beyond making sure your song "sounds professional” (that’s a given). Making sure you can FEEL something, getting the emotion out of your song is what my ultimate goal is.


I work at County Q Productions a lot, but I also work out of other studios too. I go where ever the project is. 


Take a listen to some of the samples provided and if you're interested in working with me on your next music journey, feel free to contact  me. 


Thanks for stopping by!